Security Council resolution

History Taliban regime of Afghanistan

Security Council resolution Al-Qaeda organization in the Islamic Maghreb [Thomas unexpected civil war - the rise of the Taliban] After the Soviet withdrawal also, guerrilla forces in conflict in Afghanistan, came from the leadership dispute in the second civil war. Rabbani President Ryo faction capital Kabul neighborhood, Dosutamu Shogun faction north, and, emerging force the Taliban to dominate the southern part, further, a number Kano force is holding one's ground, it states, such as Japan's Warring States period. The Taliban? Year autumn, appeared in the Pakistan border as the comet. The Taliban, which means the Islamic god students Arabic is the plural form of [Talib]. Many of the Taliban soldiers, fled to Pakistan to become refugees in civil war It is a young man. The ethnic, often a maximum force Pashtuns of Afghanistan. Pashtun is Afghan Nisutan and ethnic living across the border in Pakistan, but the current borders by the British was run over, Some of them, Pakistan and the consciousness that the same nation is strong not divided into Afghanistan.

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