Security Council resolution

[Muslim countries] or use accelerated purpose of intimidation ...

Security Council resolution Journalist Yasuda Junpei, who became missing in Syria () a new image of the man seen as the day is published, the criminal side, which is the [Nusura front] of the international terrorist organization al-Qaeda system, the Japanese side is not depending on the negotiations at an early stage if, and threatened to hand over the Yasuda's the extremist organization [Islamic State] (iS). But if the offender is Nusura front, there is a hostile relationship with IS, or actually Hikiwataseru for is unclear. Already year nearly elapsed from Yasuda's restraint of the last year month. The aim of the criminal side is seen as ransom. Image published to inspire the hearts fear to the Japanese side, in order to accelerate the release negotiations, there is a name may have been using the IS, which has been brutally killing a large number of hostages. In this image, a man seen with Yasuda-san was wearing the orange color of the clothes. Syrian with a point of contact with the criminal group, it pointed out that the aim is reminiscent of the IS is dress in hostage [prison uniform].

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