Security Council resolution

Afghan National Army - Embassy of Afghanistan, Tokyo

Security Council resolution President Hamid Karzai on 00 date signed a presidential decree to establish the Afghanistan National Army, all the army of Afghanistan, former resistance fighters, and placed the other of the armed forces under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense (MoD). The United States, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan National Army, which is grown by France, are placed to assume the responsibility of ground operations that purpose. To establish a powerful army of ten thousand people have been determined by [the Bonn Agreement]. Reform of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff headquarters was started in 2000 spring. The purpose was to create an organization with a wide range of foundation formed by experts who balanced of each ethnic group. In 00 years, the Afghan National Army troops have been deployed with allied troops for the first time the United States-led. Prior to this deployment, soldiers completed the Takeshi training 0 weeks. In accordance with the training progresses scale to expand, engineering, medical, new capabilities, such as reconnaissance, armed forces training, support, will become part of the deployment.

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