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Security Council resolution [World Islamic Revolution] Q Do you have what [Islamic State] for the purpose. The aim of the A [Islamic State] is the [World Islamic Revolution]. All of the country and to only one of the empire under a single God (Allah) (caliphate), we believe that where should be taken of the form of Sharia (Islamic law) is applied. Syria and extend the sphere of influence to the amoeba-like in the area across Iraq, in accordance with the oil field and a variety of interests in local, while a militant organization, is becoming takes a system that is similar to the country. Called the Bakudadi (Baghdad graduates of the meaning) they have been led by leaders. The Islamic sect there is a system of several. Large, divided into Shiite Sunni and the minority of the majority. Some of the Shia, but there is a thing called a state religion of Iran, which has attracted attention in nuclear development issues [Imam faction], this is because it does not cause a big problem at the moment, once placed beside your can have is okay.

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