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Exactly someone is Osama bin Laden?

Security Council resolution Is the ringleader of the [. Terrorist attacks], the person who caused the attack on Afghanistan, life and death of Osama bin Laden has not been clear even now. There is for the side in the world of the old enemy, number one, also for some side with the face of the Muslim Messiah]. Such a multi-faceted, the person wrapped in a mystery, exertion an attempt is made to clarify the appearance of bin Laden, "Osama bin Laden of mystery" was published. The author is a freelance journalist, Mr. Ian B. To B, who is also a researcher of terrorism and the secret police, he was interviewed. A: How did you reconstruct the trajectory that bin Laden has been followed until now. B: First of all, this book is a biography of the human person, is that not a book about terrorism. So, like any other biographical work, talks about his father and birthplace, also drew pick up such testimony. Bin Laden is said to have spent, Pakistan, Sudan, around Afghanistan, to hear the story from the people, drew well as evidence.

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