Security Council resolution

Do not listen to too late too! ]. The American terrorist attacks? ...

Security Council resolution 00 date of the morning, the tragedy took place suddenly. American domestic flights machines hijacked by groups of Arab, change the course, rushed into the World Trade Center Building and the US Department of Defense Office Building had been with New York's symbol (commonly known as the Pentagon), alone it has been revealed , it issued a 000 or more people dead. In Japan there is a time difference of the local and time, been actively reported from midnight around of the day, I was winding the whole world as the facts become apparent in the vortex of shock. Often it is not known even now about the background, but actively speculation has rife, occur any such thing as a fact, how kind of conclusions can be derived from it. What is the United States terrorist attacks whether was like, was an easy-to-read summary.

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