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Monster IS Who is made, what was brought up

Security Council resolution And named ISIS has appeared in the mass media, has already passed close to a year. Renamed to ISIL after, then it has changed to the IS, The ISIS is an abbreviation of Iraq Syria Islamic state, ISIL is an abbreviation of Iraq Levant Islamic state, last appeared IS is, as you know Islamic state I. Of course, these two names, not only to the name of the same organization has changed. Here, in order to avoid confusion, to unify the notation to the current IS that they are claiming. IS began its activities in Iraq from 00 around. Although Iraq's Al-Qaeda organization is said to be the original, but there are sections seem and not necessarily the case. Iraq's Al-Qaeda organization, it IS that has been led by the suddenly appeared Ibrahim Sama Lai (renamed Abu Bakr bug Dadi later). After the move to Syria, often make beheaded, to the brutality that shot dead the officers and men of the large number of enemies, opponents we were scared. IS is that their own brutality of the Internet and Twitter, seeded effectively rose to around the world such as through Facebook, suddenly, it turned into existence without the enemy where going.

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